Sunday, 14 August 2022

Lt Pea and the struggle at the camp site.

 Washing the Spears game 2.

The Zulu objective is the campsite, where Lt Pea has taken to his tent after injuring his leg chasing a chicken.

British fire is steady

The Zulu close in, my new casualty markers seeing some action

The Zulu rush the tents.

Lt Pea's recovery is rudely interrupted.  He abandons his copy of the "Victoria's Secrets" catalogue and takes up his 'revolver

But the British are closing in

The Zulu take casualties but somehow stand

Holding the initiative the Zulu attempt to shield the group raiding  the camp.  Our mission is to capture the objective and take it off table, but the casualties are horrendous.

Pea is taken off to the Zulu camp, but we needed to kill more British 

The end game.  The Zulu losses mean a strike roll, which we fail, but we claim the moral victory

Great game, fraught with difficulty but really enjoyable.

Thursday, 11 August 2022

The first Spear Washing

The Zulu

First Induana @0
Shaka Eubank
Second Induana @10
Shaka Bruno
10 Married Warriors @4.           40
10 Married Warriors @4.           40
10 Unmarried Warriors @4.      40
10 Unmarried Warriors @4.      40
8 Warriors with rifles @4.          32.      = 202


Lieutenant @0,
Lt Jasper Pea
NCO @5
Colour Sergeant Scott
8 x British Regulars @7.   56
8 x British Regulars @7.   56
6 x British Regulars @7.   49
6 x British Regulars @7.   49.             = 202

The Zulu come on, running to ground, as the thin Red line forms up

The ancient Minifigs Zulu actually look the part!

And the Zulu swiftly grab the objective.

But the British are close.

The shooting begins, and it's a brutal fight.

But the Zulu close, that 6" charge is crucial.

Up close these boys are deadly

And they charge in from different angles, shielded by the rolling terrain.

And faced by these British Regulars the Zulu are not above a bit of bullying.

In a fit condition f enthusiasm I leave the objective.  And some of the Zulu units are running low

But its a damned close run thibg

The fight surges to my right, leaving my second Induna leade isolated away on the left

With dice like that I'm not going to win this!

The Zulu fight desperately

The British are pushed back, but the Zulu are staggering

I fail my strictest shed the British pass theirs.  A damned close run thing.
One of the great games I think.  It couldn't have been closer.

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

The Spanish Raid, Blood and Plunder

 As a typical Frenchman our bold Captain of Militia was enjoying a game of Boule when word came of the Spanish attack.  It was to be Militia on Militia action.

The Town square, complete with a Voodoo priest hexing the cross.

Spaniards?  Call out the bold French Militia!  Someone?  Anyone?

And those horrid Indeo fellows too!

The French place their best troops out in the open in the town square.

And my worst over on the right.

My Militia advance around the church and I suddenly see the gap  in the wall that has been hidden from my viewpoint.

I standard blaze away at the skulking Spaniards

The Militia and the Lanceros play chicken

On the other flank it comes down to hand to hand

The Lanceros make short working my skulking Militia

The Captain and his Group hide in Church

A catastrophic event as my Boucanier discover they have wet powder

The Lanceros run my Militia to death, but frontage church windows I fire a volley, shaking them.

Out in the square the Boucanier are beset.

But the Captain charges out and a stiff fight commences

On the flank it's going poorly.  I realise I've gotten around 20 of my Frenchmen killed

And soon it's more.  The French have only a handful of men left alive.

My two surviving Militia guys on the right finally win their fight.  A Phyrric victory

In the market square less good.

And the Lanceros cross into my deployment zone.  I fail the strike tests.  The French run away.
An enjoyable game, great set of rules!

Sunday, 31 July 2022

Titus Thwarted in Games Day Shocker

Well I was on holiday and the weather was naff, so what was I to do? Get the toys out of course. 

I managed to get 3 games in; two solo and one at the club. The latter being the culmination of this season's Infamy campaign.

But first off, it was Blood and Plunder; a personal favourite and one that I don't get to play enough. This was my first attempt at an amphibious scenario and, as I was playing solo, I used the solo 'AI' system, available, as a free download, from Firelock Games.

This game saw an English Buccaneer force attempt a landing, against a Spanish militia force, in the 'Breakthrough' scenario.

English holiday makers approach the Spanish resort

Last one off the boat gets the drinks in!

Spanish employ pointed sticks

English militia, out in the midday sun, foolishly start a firefight in the open 

Lucky Jack Quilp and his Freebooters clear the woods for an English win.

A great game and a lot of fun, but wait there's more........

I recently bought into another Firelock games system - Blood and Steel; a skirmish level game set in the Victorian era.

This was only my second game with the rules and was more a test of the mechanisms than a proper game. I played with my 20mm Sudan collection - although I can see the temptation to get some 28mm figures is going to be strong.

Sudan playtest with Blood and Steel

Mounted Infantry about to meet their maker

The Mahdists swarm forward in game two

The British firing line holds firm

After only two games I'm still learning the subtleties, but the two games gave completely opposite results. In game one, the British were massacred on their baseline. In game two successive waves of Mahdist attacks were beaten back by disciplined fire. 

I wasn't sure about the rules, at first. These are much simpler than Blood and Plunder (although some might say more streamlined) and I thought I'd miss some of the nuances of the original game. However, after 2 games I'm well impressed and can see these being my rules of choice for colonial skirmish gaming.

And finally, it was off to the club to play out the next scenario in our Infamy campaign.

This time the Romans were 'attacking' and were tasked with escorting a cartload of wine through German territory. 

The route. Romans enter top right. Germans enter centre left - plus their 6 Ambush points of course. 

A spot of luck for the Romans and they get to remove the nearest German Ambush point.

Vorsprung deploys to block the Roman's passage. Auxilia archers protect the flank
while skirmishers race for the nearest Ambush point. Meanwhile Sextus' legionaries plod on.

Furius Tempor and his group of Auxiliary skirmishers run to close down the German Ambush point.

But Curius Decurius and his cavalry aim to get there first.

Sextus stays with the wine

More Germans appear ahead and on the flank and the Romans are now surrounded.
Titus' boys are bothered by slingers, archers and javelineers.

Titus forms up whilst Sextus hides in the woods

Titus protects the cart, Furius deploys to protect the flank and Sextus is still hiding in the woods. 

Vorsprung skulks in the marsh and gets all fervoured up

Titus is attacked by javelineers - what can 6 blokes with sticks do? 3 dead and a shock - are you kidding!!

The Germans close in.

Furius falls.

Titus fills ranks in a vain attempt to postpone the inevitable - and is wounded in the process.

Sextus finally gets his arse into gear.

But cannot prevail against Vorsprung's mighty dice.

With Furius dead and both Titus and Sextus wounded, the Romans were pushed back on all fronts. As Force Morale was down to 4 we called it a day and conceded a defeat.

However, in the campaign events, Vorsprung failed to rise further up the wall and Sextus also remained in his current position. As for Titus - well I drew one of  those bloody Infamy cards again didn't I. Someone in Rome really has it in for Titus and back down the wall he goes!

There's probably another 2 or 3 games left, this campaign season, but real life means we won't be able to finish the campaign this time. Nevermind, we can resume at a later date and I have a few ideas to streamline the campaign games a bit next time. Anyway, at this rate, I may need the time to paint up some Germans!