Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A Christmas tranchette

Well then Gents, I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas. I had hoped to crack on with my 'project' over the festive break but unfortunately I've been distracted by lots of nice books and the occasional telly programme. That said the latter did give me an insight into the club name – courtesy of QI no less! I’m sure that we’re all au fait with the mess game ‘Are you there Marshal Petain?’ Well apparently, there was a Victorian parlour game called ‘Are you there Moriarty?’ Only in this case participants whacked each other over the head with rolled up newspapers rather than bottles!

Anyway, back to the matter in hand and my latest tranchette. Earlier this month I took advantage of the Newline sale to purchase a few samples of their Mycenaean range.
Newline samples
I was short on archers and unarmoured spearmen so I bought a couple of packs of these and a chariot.
The latter is substantially cheaper than the equivalent models from other manufacturers and with the sale came in at about half the price. At that price I would have acquired more but I want variety and they only do the one variant. There is a separate chariot crew pack but the website has no picture and doesn’t provide any information other than it consists of 6 figures. Not terribly helpful! A shame really as this is rather a nice little model.

Newline (front) Cutting Edge (rear)

I’ve now finally got round to preparing them and they are currently on painting sticks along with my Cutting Edge Miniatures. 

Size wise they are slightly bigger than Cutting Edge but not by much - it’s more of a case of slightly more heft than any great difference in height.
All in all they are a pretty good match and any differences are well within the range of normal human variation.