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Dux Bellorum: The Dawn attack begins

Anglo Saxon Chronicles:

From: The Parker Chronicle (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Manuscript)

 A.D. 368
Then came the men from Vanking, Saxons of Germany.  Lead by Tossa Son of old Vank the High King, and his son Tugga, the young Vank.

With them the Thane Skvirt, on the King's Right Hand and his son Jerka Cross-Eyed. Knobba Sore Wrist, the King's Second Son was left with the Ships.

Joining the King of Picts in battle with the Romans and Welsh at Rochester, Tossa was slain, his household Vankguard fighting to the last.  In the Witan of the Leaders Young Tossa was hailed King, but his brother Knobba also claimed the Kingship, and took his followers to serve the Romans.

Jarl Skvirt declared that he would kill the Traitor, and proposed a dawn attack upon the camp of the Romans...

Cataphracts in a wood.  That's something you don't often see...

King Tossa gets stuck into the Britainnia Hesitatus 
From Dr Howard Parker's "The Vanking Saxons: New Perspectives."  Cambridge History Press 1976.

Principle leaders of the Vanking Saxons:

Tugga, son of Tossa, Lord of Vank
The Vank-Gard under their Thane Fallik Iron Wrist*
Skvirt, on the King's Right Hand... a Jarl
Little Skwirta, son of Skvirt

Knobba Sore Wrist, the King's Second Son.
Jerka,  Son of Skvirt.
Toddja,  Priest of Vectron
 Pulla, Son of Tossa
Jarl Flasha, Bishop Basher
Horsdong the Long One
Hungwrist Always Pissed

*A recent source in the form of the "Tungrian" tablets discovered on Hadrian Wall identifies the disgraced and exiled Tribune of the Auxilia Brittania Hesitatus as one Phallus Manufortis (Strong Hand), tentatively identified as the later Captain of the Vankguard Thane Fallik Iron Wrist.

More details may be found in the Petain Press Comic's latest title, "Conspiracy of Barbarians, Vol.1"

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