Friday, 3 November 2017

Red Sea Gazette 9. A Furious Hanjub

The Battle of Hanjub raged on the 12ft table at Durham Wargames club this week.  The Second Brigade lead by the steady Major Whynot engaged the Dervish, with three missions being run.  The Teesdales had the job of building a zariba in the central sector.  The Rajputs were tasked with destroying the village of Hanjub, or Colonial British (Anglo Indian in this case) Urban Remodeling!

The composite battalion wing of the Balamory islanders and the Midsomer Rifles were to escort the Post Office rifles signals team forward and make contact with Staff Colonel Quilp at Brigade.  

The Rajputs form up.

The Teesdales march out in the centre forming a large camel filled square.  

Major Eyeswater's objective crawls with Dervish.  Its going to be a fight. 
Eyeswater moves up. The Scots on the left the Midsomers the right.

And the Correspondent is kept in hand...

Major Whynot perfects his formation 

As they knock down the village the Rajputs face suicidal camel mounted attacks

Major Whynot approaches the location he will build the Zariba.

The Post Office Rifles begin their heliograph flashing to Brigade

Achmet and Dec, the last Dervish riflemen last two full turns!  Brian the Beja on his camel also survives a turn alone!

The Islanders are hit by a Dervish cavalry unit, that rolls over them and into the second line.

Whynot reaches the Mimosa, but still no zariba?

Captain Balamory, or Wee Archie the Laird, stands his ground.  He should get a medal for this one!
Meanwhile Lt "Flasher" Halsall from the post Office Rifles contact Brigade.  Flash... He's a miracle...

The Rajputs end game.  Two houses down.  More camel charges...

The Teesdales end game.  No Zariba?  but look at those straight lines!

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