Friday, 1 December 2017

Red Sea Gazette 13. Churchill's birthday

The Rajputs deploy into the usual square.  Traditional tactics.
Tarmak Outpost - full to the brim with Dervish

The Islanders deploy their eight units in line...

The Teesdales also deploy in square.   

Churchill charges forward  That donga suddenly fills with Dervish.

The Midsomers advance to assault the Donga.

Churchill goes hand to hand with the Dervish

The dervish charge out piecemeal against the Rajputs.

Instead of getting Churchill clear Major Eyeswater joins him in fighting the Dervish in the donga.

I did notice that one of the Midsomers was pointing his rifle at the Mounted Infantry Officer.  Was this to presage things to come...

Heliograph Hill swarms with the Dervish ... again...

The Mounted Infantry are charged by furious Dervish cameleers.

The  Islanders seem to be surviving, but mounted Dervish were beginning to appear. 
In all honesty the Teesdales had not advanced very far...
but faced many many Dervish. 
Desperate to complete the mission major Whynot stood no chance...

The fighting in the centre was growing worse.

The Mounted Dervish were massing against the Islanders...

Eyeswater and Churchill are wounded and withdraw...

The Queen's Own are wiped out yet again...  The Islanders and Midsomers withdraw, beaten back yet valiant...

With all of his units intact Major Stroker and the Rajputs
complete their mission.  Stroker claims the title of "The Advancing Major,"
somewhat boldly perhaps

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