Friday, 5 January 2018

The Battle of Wee Geordie's leek trench

The Marshal Petain Gentlemen's Club have been getting together the figures and terrain for a very local British Civil war, in Durham circa 1938. (A local war for local people!)

The terrain was raised by wanton pillage of buildings from the terrain shelves as well as the commissioning of some bespoke pieces representing local landmarks, places of interest or just plain locations to have a scrap.  We`re not happy yet, but it's getting there.

We decided on a few practice games, just to get a reminder of our chosen rules (Chain of Command by the TooFatLardies) and Thursday`s game was big COC, with two platoons per side.

The Village square and an excellent view of the Municipal lavatories.

A good view of my new gaslamps, and the allotments.  Wee Geordie's Leek trench is beside the pigsty.

Another view of the town square as the game starts

The Sacriston Hunt from the Farthingdale Estate platoon appear on table, along with a Rolls Royce armoured Car from the HMP Durham Platoon

The Earl's Butler, armed with Bessie the Elephant gun and accompanied by a loader and a runner, makes a dash for the terraced houses.

The HMP platoon deploys into Pelton Fell Colliery.

Dr Pea and his stinks and bangs from Durham University Chemistry Club lurk at the rear of that large public house.

Fate takes a hand.  Comrade Corbyn of the Pelton Miners Communist League occupies the allotment.  A random event occurs on a roll of triple 6 and Wee Geordie, whose prize leeks are being trodden down, shouts abuse, before loosing his shotgun at the communists, killing one, and teaching comrade Corbyn a lesson about the real "Mandate of the People."

The Communists line of defence

More Miners on overwatch.
At this point we had to call it a draw as time ran out.

I feel some vindication since Comrade Corbyn will think twice before trampling on prize leeks again, and a sense that the terrain, and the game, are starting to come together.

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