Wednesday, 28 June 2017

A Colonial on-table mini campaign.

Following the on-table blood bath that was our last evening with Men who Would be Kings, we decided to try out the Babbage rules.  The Dervish had struggled to challenge the Imperials, but under the solo rules the natives seem to have more of a chance.

To give the Dervish an even greater chance of success I have painted up a further two units of irregular riflemen, which will give the Dervish the following forces:

1 x Tribal Camelry @3
6 x Fierce Tribal Infantry @4
3 x Irregular Infantry (with modern rifles)@3
1 x Field gun, poorly drilled @4
34 Points

The Imperials are divided into two commands:

British Expedition
1 x RMLI, Elite Regular Infantry @7
1 x The Fusiliers, Regular Infantry @6
1 x Royal Dragoons Regular cavalry @6

1 x Gatling Gun, well drilled @6
3 x Irregular Infantry Fellahs @3 
34 Points
Game One: Up the Pass!
The Imperial Forces have two objectives, the Village and the water supply at the wells.  The Dervish will defend both of these areas, using the Babbage rules, rolling to appear each time the Imperials move.  

To win the game each Imperial player must occupy the target terrain for one whole turn.  

Losses sustained in game one will be carried over into game two.

If losses prove too much the Imperials will be reinforced with:

3 x Rajput Regular Indian Infantry (obsolete rifles)@5

Having seized the objectives on the march route the Imperials close in on Jhaksi.  Having constructed a zariba of mimosa brush and encamped within, they must capture the hilltop town itself.  The camp however holds the water and supplies that the Force will need to face the march back to the Coast.  It must be well guarded before any attempt is made to storm the town.   

Mimosa defences are soft cover as well as providing a minor linear obstacle.  

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