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Dawns and Departures Campaign game 2: Vimeiro 1808

To anyone seeing this madness for the first time please note that campaign game one was recorded on the Cyprus Wargamers Blog.  The Heroes of these games are  Captain Quilp the Officer commanding the Light Company 4th Foot (Red Force), and Captain Quitte von Wießmehr of the 60th rifles (Green Force). The game thus focuses on two separate forces, who to some extent complete, but may also have to co-operate to win the campaign.
Movement is assumed to be simultaneous.

The Briefing

Captains von Wießmehr and Quilp, with Major Finguin
On the evening of 17th August following the events of the battle of Roliça Sir Arthur Wellesely calls two of his Officers to his rooms in a commandeered house in Quinta Gruga.  These are Captain Quilp the Officer commanding the Light Company 4th Foot, and Captain Quitte von Wießmehr of the 60th rifles.    He briefs them on the mission he requires.  

"Ah, Qwinthy and Qwilup, take a theat gentlemen. 

(Colonel Courtleigh Manners of the 4th Foot indicates that Sir Arthur is offering you a chair)
We have no cavalwry, that's the twicket gentlemen, only a couple of hundwed Twentieth Light Dwagoons.  These will be thcouting down the coast fwor me you thee, what what??
You two will lead youwr companies down the two woads further inland.  Qwinthy, push your wiflemen down the woad to Vimewio.  Quilup, take the woad to Towwes Vedwas. 
(Colonel Manners helpfully points to Vimeiro and Torres Vedras)
Generwal Delabowrde is weatweating his diwision south towards his Mastwer General Junot.  Push him along gentlemen.  Hawwry him.  I will be a day behind you with the main armwy.  Find me the main enemy body.

Colonel Manners coughs politely (of course) and hands you copies of his map.  He adds, "we have a shortage of carts and baggage transport, use two pack mules for your companies.  You will draw eight sacks of supplies each.  Sir Arthur wishes to battle the French some time over the next four days.  The fact that General Burrard is expected soon to take over this command is purely coincidental, but if we could beat General Junot quickly  it would be remembered that you two were instrumental in this.  Find the French for us gentlemen."

"Ah... the dwammed Fwench," mutters Sir Arthur.

You both add the name "Colonel Courtleigh Manners" to your pocket books.

Both players will receive an independent briefing from separate senior Officers.  Since Colonel Manners is Captain Quilp's Commanding Officer in the 4th Foot he will receive a personal briefing before the mission commences.  Captain von Wießmehr will be briefed independently by Colonel Trant of the Portuguese Legion.  

The Dawns and departures scenario is Rear-guard.  Our heroes will face the incompetent Major Finguin of the rather disgraceful 27th du Ligne

After a hard-fought campaign at Rolica our main forces are retiring on Lisbon to rejoin the rest of General Junot's army.  The enemy has been badly handled, but a small force is in pursuit and intends to snap at the Armys heels all the way home. At least thats their plan; you intend to stop them. Deployed as a rear-guard you must protect the main Army of General Delaborde from these hyenas.

Red and Green
The enemy has been repulsed and their forces are withdrawing from Rolica in disorder. They are starving and said to be eating their own belts and boot leather.   General Delaborde is leading his division away in two columns, heading south to join General Junot.
You must break through their rear-guard and identify the position of the enemy main columns.
Red player commands  the Light company of the 4th foot.
Green player commands a company of the 60th Rifles.
Blue player commands elements of the 27 du Ligne. 

The Blue must protect the main column; delaying the red and Green Players, who  must do all they can to locate it.  Each Campaign Turn the Red or Green make contact with the enemy main column he will inflict losses of one hundred men on the main column. 

If however the Red or Green makes contact with the enemy main column of General Junot which is marching north from Lisbon to Vimeiro it will be forced to halt and deploy, since it will be in the middle of the battle of Vimeiro at that point, and needs to give Sir Arthur and the main red forces a chance to catch up.

Pursue the defeated Delaborde, halt the advance of Junot.  

Blue must protect the main columns; the Red and Green Players must do all they can to contact them. Each Campaign Turn a  Player makes contact with the enemy main column does so he will inflict losses of one hundred men on the main column. The more he kills the better his result.One hundred men is a 25% victory, 400 men a 100% victory.


Red and Green begin the game in Area 3.
Blue may deploy on the map at any point between areas 6-10.
Red has the initiative.The Columns of General Delaborde's Division are withdrawing south at half speed.  They will start in areas 12 and 14. They have no supplies and are moving at half-speed due to the need to forage. Thus far they have not abandoned their wagons.
A complete breakdown of the forces and characters available to red and Green is available below.

Blue begins the campaign with 12 sacks of supplies. (In game 1 the French Quartermaster escaped Rolica with his loot, his supplies and a kidnapped 86 year old Nun

The Red and Green have 16 sacks of supplies for this campaign.  8 each.  
The population is considered very hostile to Blue.   

The red and Green always hold the Initiative unless it is seized temporarily by the Blue as a result of a battle. In such a situation, the Leading Player holds the initiative only for the next Campaign Turn, after which the initiative reverts to the the Red and Green players.

The Forces

4th Foot

Light Company, The Duke of Lancasters Own 4th Foot
Four groups (4 x 8) of Line, two (2 x 6) of Skirmishers plus two men acting as mule wranglers for Sgt Jaggers with eight sacks of supplies.
You may re-arrange these groups as desired, all of your men are trained Light Infantry.
3 Big Men.  Colonel Manners mayl send you another Officer as the campaign develops.

Captain Quilp Big Man III
A Parson's Son from Northumbria.
Notorious as the most short sighted man ever to serve in the British Army.  Sir Arthur Wellesley presented Quilp with a telescope after the battle of Copenhagen inscribed "Take a look through one of these next time Quilp!" Commands the light Company of the 4th Foot.

Ensign Richard Wellhard.  Big Man II
Formerly the Sergeant of the Light Company.  Born in the slums of Gilesgate in the County of Durham.  His parentage is obscure and he was first recorded as stealing apples from the orchard of Hieronymous Quilp the village parson.  Young Richard constantly found himself in trouble and eventually was compelled to join the army, being recruited into the 4th Foot by the Parson's son, an Officer in the regiment.  Wellard was promoted to Ensign by Sir Arthur, after a heroic incident at Rolica.(Yesterday)  He still wears his Sergeants uniform.

Lt Sheriden Bucket (Wounded in action at Rolica, unavailable)

Sgt Postlethwaite "Mother" Jaggers  Big Man I

Captain Quilp's Pocket book:
David Ld. Farthingdale, Lieutenant Royal Dragoons. Drunk.
Colonel Courtleigh Manners of the 4th Foot
Dr Samuel Johnson Physic and lexicographer.

The Rifles

All trained Light Infantry
Three groups of eight in Line and three groups of six skirmishers, plus two riflemen acting as mule wranglers for Sgt Lime's aquisitions, and the eight sacks of supplies..  This can be re-arranged as desired.

Hauptmann Quitte Von Wießmehr.   Lvl III Big Man
Captain Quitte von Wießmehr is a native of Duisburg in the old Duchy of Cleves. Once Baron of the Schloss Wießmehr, before the unfortunate affair at Austerlitz.  He is now exiled to serve in the Britsh Army.  The Captain is a friend of the inventor Bartholomäus Girardoni, and has a custom made Girardoni Air Rifle, which he used at Austerlitz, just before everyone else ran away.  This remarkable weapon fires 12 shots in rapid succession, and is reloaded with a magazine tube of 20 bullets.  It accounts for the Captains nickname in the rifles Old Windy.

Famous for his service with The Oels Jager during the later part of the Peninsular war, few realise that the Captain actually served in the 5/60th Rifles before his transfer to the Portuguese Cacadores after Corunna.  With the arrival of the Duke of Brunswick in the Peninsular von Wießmehr was quickly offered a post in the Black Band, where he served famously until his death defending the Duke at Quatre Bras.

Captain Quitte Von Wießmehr `s Pocket book:
Physic Dr Gordon Ottershaw, dentist, freemason and ferret wrangler
Colonel Courtleigh Manners of the 4th Foot
Leutnant Christoph von Wankendorf a Hannovarian, serving in the Rifles.
Bartholomäus Girardoni,  Austrian Inventor.

Lieutenant Charles "Binky" Snetterton-Lewis.  Level I
Commission purchased by pater and in bright new boots and uniform.  Binky is a little dim, but keen sir... very keen.

Sergeant Otto "Wachtmeister" Feuct Level I
The captain's butler since their youthful days at Schloss Wießmehr.  He is prim and proper, and the ladies swoon for his bristling moustaches.

Sergeant Harold Lime. Level I

Additions for Rolica
Physic 1pt        aka Dr Gordon Ottershaw, dentist, freemason and ferret wrangler
Musician 1pt   aka young William Elliot, bugler and company dancer
Level 1 officer 3pts       aka Sergeant Harold Lime, procurer of sundries and rarities.
Scout 3pts        aka The Masked Shadow

What to expect

Turn Report & Order Request

At the Start of each turn, the umpire will provide both players with a report covering the following:

Where their Main Force and any Detachments under their control are located
What their Patrols and Scouts identified in the last Turn
Any events which affect them. Usually Random Events
How many sacks of supplies they have left.

Finally, a request for the players instruction for that afternoon or tomorrow morning.  Forces typically march/move two areas per day when not foraging.  I can accept a daily or covering orders.

27th Du Ligne

The exact nature of the French forces is unclear at this time.
But they look angry about Rolica
Major Finguin  Big Man Lvl III
The long suffering Major acting as Chef du battalion of the 27th du line.  His family motto is "Run away, run away!"

Pocket Book of Major Finguin:
Colonel Alonzo Fonde De Lapatrie, the former rabid Republican, now Imperialist Staff Officer
Captaine Claude Douche of The Imperial Intelligence Service

Capitaine Bunsen Bernier Level II

Capitane Pease Sanbeans, a young thruster who wished only to impress. 
Shot through the plumes and killed by Captain von Wiessmehr at Rolica.

Sous Lieuteant Casse-Toi Bâtard  Level II
A psychotic killer of chickens.  Customised dueling pistols.

Sergeant Gui D`Rope 27th Flank, Voltiguers.  Level I
A man with long Moustaches and clean underwear.  A fervent Boneapartist.

Lieutenant Alphonse Capone, Quartermaster, Lvl I
with six men and a mule train. He is a despicable cad, even the mules are not safe.  He cannot command anything but his own foraging party, being an Italian, and an outsider to the 27th who detest him.

Alex Craimant Dragoon Captain
Sergeant Grande Jambe of the Dragoons

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